The Show

The Golf Podcast | Live 

Every Monday With Your Hosts Rafael Kalamat & Michael Bleackley

Each show is unscripted and unedited featuring one or two guests from the golf world, including all types of golf professionals from touring pros, club pros, coaches, fitness experts, superintendents, technology experts, club fitters, club manufacturers, executives, celebrities, influencers,  sport figures, pro athletes, captivating amateurs and so on. Really, our aim is to bring entertaining and insightful people on the show and candidly discuss the latest tour events and golf news, then dive into our guests’ experiences and background. 

Future research and development

The Golf Podcast Live will take you inside and outside the ropes of the golf world, on the PGA Tour and beyond. Tournament previews and picks, deep dives into the players and storylines that matter in the sport of golf. 

Rafael Kalamat joins us every week for PGA Tour Stats, betting picks and information you need to know to win your ‘One and Done’, ‘Parlay’ and ‘Top 10’ pools along with expert player analysis live with on site instruction or tips. 

Michael Bleackley will bring you the news to know and expert analysis on the world’s most elite players, venues and equipment with a slice of studio and on-site madness. All this alongside a celebrity or guest golf personality to add spice and flavour to the cast!


By the end of 2022 our reach will consist of 30 worldwide platforms in both audio and video that will reach an audience of 1.3million yearly viewers and listeners conservatively. Our month over month growth rate has been steadily over 450 percent (across all platforms) as our projected model at this rate will meet or surpass our estimate.


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