Lisa Cornwell and Tucker Booth

[EP 072] 

The Golf Podcast | Live With Lisa Cornwell and Tucker Booth – Authors of “Troublemaker”

Today our hosts Raf and Mike speak to former Golf Channel personality Lisa Cornwell and Battle Rapper, Podcaster and Author Tucker Booth. The recently released book “Troublemaker” has been a 3 year collaborative effort for Lisa and Tucker, we dive into segments of the book relating to Lisa’s dealings with Brandel Chamblee at the Golf Channel and the overall working environment at the organization.

Lisa shares background on how she got addicted to golf and a couple fun stories about her passion to compete and occasional club toss (many years ago). She is one of us! Take a moment and read this book, Lisa has a fascinating journey and is not afraid to stand up for herself or others. Read the “3-Iron” chapter…

The foreward is written by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Lisa is related to Bill Clinton and shares how Hillary agreed participate in the book and talks about her relationship with the Clinton’s in the POTUS chapter.

Tucker Booth is always a pleasure to have on the pod, he shares his experience of working with Lisa and how they met, Tucker has made a name for himself in the golf world by previously publishing an article about Michael Whelan’s career at the Golf Channel.

Episode 72 delivers. We enjoyed the conversation immensely, you will too.

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