Matt Adams | NBC Golf Channel Analyst & Fairways Of Life Host

Our hosts Rafael Kalamat and Michael Bleackley recap the 150th Open Championship with Matt Adams, Matt was on-course all week and shares his experience from St Andrew’s, not just the Old Course, also some historic events from the town’s past.

As usual, Matt doesn’t disappoint when telling a story, a memory of Doug Sanders missing a putt to win the 1970 (British) Open prompts Matt to ask Lee Trevino (while walking and talking) to share his recollection of that moment.

This 150th Open Championship tells many stories, from the games elder statesmen gathering to honour St Andrews Old Course for possibly their last time, or a glimpse into the future of golf with a changing-of-the-guard unfolding before us. The 2020 Open delivered an epic week climaxing to a Sunday finish showcasing golf’s finest players from around the globe.

Cam Smith won The 150th Open, the game of golf was the winner too.


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